Thousand Oaks Family Magician

Make your next event an enchanting success with magic!

Are you looking for a Thousand Oaks magician and want to impress your guests with something extra special? I will charm and enchant them with my humorous brand of magic. Your guests will share the experience of magic that happens right in front of them and even in their own hands! Whether you need a standup style magic show or intimate strolling magic (my specialty), I have a show that will work for your event.


With my services you and your guests will experience:

• A show appropriate for the whole family: Children and adults alike will enjoy my performances. Designed with the family in mind, there’s something for everyone.

• Astonishing magic right in front of you: It’s not every day that you get to see a magician create miracles right before you, yet this is exactly what your guests will experience.

• Magic with normal, everyday, objects that can even be borrowed: We’re talking cards, coins, dollar bills, business cards, cell phones, etc. No weird props that exist for the sole purpose of magic.

• Fun, smart and witty entertainment: Your guests will enjoy my fun, quirky and often improvised style of performing. Think of the quirkiness of Dimitri Martin mixed with clean, clever wit.

• Magic that connects on a personal level: I strive to create magic that connects with your guests engaging various life topics such as money or love but in a light humorous manner.

• An impression that lasts: They’ll be talking about your event for years to come as they recall experiencing the impossible and how it made them feel.

• I am a professional: I arrive on time and am polite and courteous to your guests. I will never embarrass or humiliate your guests. Laughs should never come at their expense.


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Here’s what some of my clients have had to say:

“Kris dazzled our guests, a mix of celebrities, high-end donor and season subscribers, with his unique and impressive close-up magic. His appealing and friendly demeanor was perfect for our crowd!”—Geffen Playhouse

“Thank you again so very much for your support of Family Fun Day. You went above and beyond which I really appreciate!”—County of Los Angeles Dept. of Children & Family Services

“We would like to thank you for bringing a new and exciting form of entertainment to our event!”—Rio Mesa High School Safe & Sober After Prom Committee


Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you and your guests will enjoy my entertainment, that I offer a 100% money back guarantee (and I’ve never had to refund anything). There are not many performers that offer a guarantee like this. If your guests aren’t happy and having a good time, I will refund all of your money. Guaranteed!

Contact me now so I can make your next event an enchanting success!

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