Kris Sheppard did wonderful job performing his magic during our company Christmas party. He performed his strolling magic during the cocktail hour and dazzled us with a brief magic show in front of 40 people, showcasing his unique versatility to thoroughly confound small and large audiences alike. We still couldn’t figure out how he managed to pull off some of the tricks. His friendly and engaging personality made it a very pleasant experience for everyone. We highly recommend him for any special event.
— Mick & Arlene Benson, Global Research & Technology Corporation
I was really impressed with your magic. I’m still trying to figure out how my signed card ended up in your zipped up wallet, great tricks!
— Michael Jacobson, Strange Days Doors Tribute Band
This year we enjoyed a visit from Kris at our annual Christmas party. We had good friends and their families join us. Ages 5 to 50 were in the attendance, so the entertainment needed to be relevant for everyone.

Kris entertained everyone. Adults got into the act as did the teens. The favorite moment was when one of the 5-year-olds had his chance to participate. Watching his excitement as he worked with Kris and his reaction to the magic tricks, was priceless and memorable for all.

Many of my guests thanked my wife and me for such a fun and memorable evening. Everyone had a great time!
— Nick & Brenda
After I personally saw Kris Sheppard perform magic at a Sushi Restaurant I frequent, we hired Kris to perform his strolling magic at our company Holiday Party.

As Kris approached each table, people were looking forward to seeing his amazing tricks. He knows how to work a crowd and we were extremely pleased with his performances. We highly recommend anyone to hire Kris Sheppard to perform his magic, as it will provide added quality to the event.
— Bill Kleiman, Executive Vice President, Classic SleepCare, LLC
Kris dazzled our guests, a mix of celebrities, high-end donor and season subscribers, with his unique and impressive close-up magic. His appealing and friendly demeanor was perfect for our crowd!
— Geffen Playhouse
Thank you again so very much for your support of Family Fun Day. You went above and beyond which I really appreciate!
— County of Los Angeles Dept. of Children & Family Services
We would like to thank you for bringing a new and exciting form of entertainment to our event!
— Rio Mesa High School Safe & Sober After Prom Committee